I love to see myself as a  relentless dreamer and an almost hopeless romantic . It is also important to note that I have always been in love with Space. I am a  Writer, Poet, Guitarist, Speaker and a clean energy enthusiast.

I recently completed a degree in Civil Engineering from the Federal university of Agriculture Abeokuta.

I believe in possibilities , and I know we can achieve whatever we set our eyes on if only, WE BELIEVE !!!

I believe in a world where we can all thrive equally, side by side. The world would be a far brighter place if we all shined together 🙂 .

I’m into quite a few things,

I have a song I was featured on as a rapper under creative entertainment company @vexscheworld. Titled  Flames of love,

Download here 

I also recently released a poetry collection titled lovediary also under creative entertainment company @vexscheworld

Download here 

Await more projects in the near  future !!!