The story behind this sonic drawing

I still fondly recall an incident that occurred while I was growing up. I think I was in primary 2 or 3. A boy in my class brought a beautiful drawing and said his big brother drew it for him, it was a picture showing a basketball player  slam dunking into a net (I think it was the picture that used to be on the milo tin )I don’t know if it still there.

This picture was so fine and everyone in the class gathered round to admire his big brothers artwork, and I wished my big brother could draw one for me. But I did not have a big brother, as I am a first child and I longed to show off a drawing to my friends too. I then remembered I had an uncle who was an architect, so I decided to ask him to draw me a basketball player slam dunking.

Being an architect, and obviously oblivious of the gravity of my plight, he just took a few seconds to sketch me a line drawing of a boy throwing hoops. I was not satisfied in any way , but I appreciated his effort. I did not show my friends in school though, because really it was just a quick sketch.

Fast forward to almost  a decade plus half a dozen years later,  my nephew (not blood relative –  a family friend ,but he calls me uncle) asks me  to draw him a sonic drawing  he had seen on my phone saying he wanted to show his friends. Nostalgia floods my head as I quickly recall when I was around his age and I longed for a similar thing. I painstakingly took my time to draw the beautiful piece you see above.

What makes this story special is that even if my uncle did not totally understand my plight some 16 , 17 years ago, I had the experience to understand my nephew’s plight.

Morale : Do to others what you would have loved to be done to you, and sometimes when people don’t meet your expectations still appreciate their effort 😊 .

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