The story behind this haircut

Hi there! ¬†I appreciate the time you are taking to read this post, you are the best ūüôā . I always try to draw life lessons from everyday occurrences and I have decided to share them via this platform. So here goes the story behind this haircut!

Some people ¬†say true beauty begins from the hair, and that would explain why everybody is very particular about what kind of hair they are carrying, ¬†for females, ¬†it’s ¬†their “hair do” while for males it’s our hair cuts.

Let’s travel back in time together. Just a little bit shy of a decade ago, ¬†a new barber surfaced at our family barbing salon and ¬†my dad, my brother and I had come for a haircut. The new barber decided to take care of the cutting my brother’s hair and my own ( since we were the kids) ¬†. Alas! ¬†when he was done, ¬†the outcome of the haircut was horrific. ¬†I hated the haircut. ¬†Even my dad had to ask the owner of the salon if it was a carpenter that had our hair cut! ¬†To cut the story short, ¬†our situation was salvaged and my dad asked that “the carpenter” ¬†never ¬†to cut our hair again.

We continued having our haircut at this salon for years even after we moved away from that area. we hardly imagined changing our salon, ¬† but we never let “the carpenter” come near , let alone touch our hair . He never even beckoned on us anymore.

Just yesterday,  I walked in for a haircut and shockingly,  our  Carpenter beckoned on me , he wanted to have a go at my hair.

My instincts wanted to tell him off,  but then,  I thought that if after all these years he had finally summoned the courage to ask to cut my hair,  telling him off could crush his feelings.

Moreso, don’t we all deserve to have second chances at life, ¬†a second chance to prove ourselves? ¬†We don’t always excel at what we attempt at the first go , ¬†but who says we cannot improve.

While all these were true theoretically,  I was skeptical on giving my hair up for practical exploration.

One thing was sure however, ¬†I was not going to crush “the carpenter’s ” display of courage and a desire to prove himself.

I decided to give him a shot during which we had a mild conversation which pointed to the fact that he remembered what he had done to my hair years ago,  though he did not own up to it wholeheartedly.

In the end, ¬†even though the haircut was not the best, it was much better than I expected…. ¬†and I was glad I had given him a second chance.

After the haircut, ¬†he asked me to always look out for him whenever I come to the salon, ¬†but I couldn’t reply affirmatively, ¬†because truth be told, ¬†this haircut might have been a fluke.

I found myself contemplating ¬†finding a closer barbing salon to where I live now, to avoid future risks.. ¬†Hehe… ¬†but I felt his Joy after the haircut, and I felt very glad to have given him the opportunity.

Have you been deeply hurt  or dissapointed by someone you trust or anyone at all ? ,  you should consider giving them a second chance,  they might just blow you away!

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