The Right Watch

I have had it on my mind to buy myself a proper gentleman’s watch for a while now, but I had to wait for funds to be complete. As I have not yet become “Otedola with the money” 😂.

After I had saved the right amount to spare for what I considered a decent watch, I then faced the problem that haunts every gentleman on a budget, whether to buy a brown strapped watch or a black strapped watch.

After doing a little research, I discovered many fashion enthusiasts tending towards getting a brown strapped watch. One Particular blogger said “Brown straps age better with time”.

While they may have their valid reasons, I believe what is most important are the colours that play in your wardrobe at the time of purchasing the watch.

For me, I realised I had dark shades playing amidst my belongings. A range of Black to Blue shoes, Black based suits, and the likes.

I therefore decided to stick with a black strap. My advise to you when picking out your watch is to assess your wardrobe, if you happen to have more brown based colours playing there, then by all means should you get a brown strapped watch.

  1. Blazer : IG @grandeurtailors
  2. Watch : IG @omega

If you are however an ” Otedola with the money”

You could just buy both 😎.

Another thing I put into consideration is the fact that I would be wearing my watch with both casual outfits and very strict office wear.

I decided to therefore stick to a very Simple yet bold design. Round and light! Simple is always classic you know?

Do you prefer a brown strapped or Black strapped watch? Let me hear your thoughts 💭 below in the comment section.

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