The Right Watch

I have had it on my mind to buy myself a proper gentleman’s watch for a while now, but I had to wait for funds to be complete. As I have not yet become “Otedola with the money” 😂.

After I had saved the right amount to spare for what I considered a decent watch, I then faced the problem that haunts every gentleman on a budget, whether to buy a brown strapped watch or a black strapped watch.

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SVELTE – A fashion Editorial

Hi guys.

I have always had plans of writing fashion editorials to bring some sort of variety to the site.

After my most recent photo shoot for grandeurtailors , I decided to write a fashion editorial about it. But I struggled  to find what to call it or what theme it would revolve around.

I allowed this thought stay with me in my sub-conscious after the shoot.  About a week later, during one of the lectures I take weekly ( It’s an NYSC thing), a fashion inclined speaker used the word svelte! Once the word dropped from her lips , I was immediately fascinated. I quickly sort to learn its meaning !


(svelt  sfelt)


Someone who is svelte is slim and looks attractive and elegant.


Synonyms: slenderlithewillowygraceful
Source : Collins online dictionary
Attire by @grandeurtailors (IG)

Alas ! The word was describing me 🙂 . (haha. If I do not feel myself on my own blog post , where else will I) ?

But really this word reminded me about several instances while growing up , where a lot of people regularly made comments like “eat more”, “add some more flesh” and the likes.

I started wishing to grow a bit bigger, but it was never within my control 🙂 .

My dad had always maintained that I should not in anyway look forward to adding any extra flesh ! :).

Attire by @grandeurtailors (IG)

The long story is that we should all be happy in our own skin. Try your best to get in a shape that makes you happy, but never live your life trying to please others.

Try your best to get in a shape that makes you happy, but never live your life trying to please others.

I have grown to love myself , and how I Iook, and will do na-da to change it !

The pictures in this post depict how to slay in a slender structure ! some Slim Daddy shiiii :).
Attire by @grandeurtailors (IG)
But please note : You can only slay like this if you wear very good bespoke tailoring  just like @grandeurtailors (IG) . You can engage their services online
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Attire by @grandeurtailors (IG)
I will go deeper into the intricacies of my styling in subsequent posts !
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